You’re Corgially Invited To View Static Electricity Cat And The Links

01.09.12 6 years ago

Check out nine more corgi-al invitations at BestWeekEver.

Axl Rose Is A Hungry Time Traveler |UPROXX|

Hip Hop Humor Is Your Source For Lulzy Rap Punnery |UPROXX|

Gallery: Gina Carano Is In Her Underwear And Ready To Kill You |With Leather|

Creepy Got Milk? Ads Throughout the Years |Warming Glow|

An Exclusive Gif from Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie |Film Drunk|

Reports: Beyonce Gives Birth, Twitter Reacts |Smoking Section|

Sh*t Wookiees Say Is The Definitive Sh*t Said By Someone |UPROXX|

Commentary: Oliver is the Worst |Warming Glow|

Drunk Darth Vader gets tazed and pepper sprayed |Film Drunk|

What’s Worse: Weight Watchers Or The Atlanta Hawks? |With Leather|

Batman Gets Seuss-ified |Unreality|

The 10 Best Comfort Films of 2011 |Pajiba|

Jaleel White wants to be on Breaking Bad. |FARK|

7 Ridiculous Workout and Diet Commercials |The FW|

54 Beautifully Offensive Desktop Wallpapers |Buzzfeed|

‘The Simpsons’ Tries For Guinness World Record |HuffPostTV|

Best Adult Swim Promos of 2011, Picked by the Creators |Adult Swim|

France Getting Star Wars Burgers: Taste the Dark Side of the Bun |Technabob|

VIDEO BELOW: Leo the corgi does not trust the electric drill. |via HYST|

[Inset picture (motion capture for “Puss In Boots 2: Balls Deep”) via Reddit]

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