You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You Kills You Writes a Song About Your Blog

05.27.08 9 years ago 42 Comments

Silly Nas, it was just napping.

Image via The Smoking Section

It’s one thing to go around calling yourself a bunch of douchebags on a blog, but none of it can ever be official until said blog has an anthem to call its own. Today, we are officially douchebags of the highest regard, because today KSK has its very own song.

MC Seez Mics of the duo Educated Consumers happens to be a reader of the site, and he figured we needed an official song. All it took was one of our Sex Cannon t-shirts, and the most important deal in hip hop since Rawkus Records signed Black Star was done. What resulted is quite possibly the greatest thing to ever happen. It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you Kiss the Kolber.

The timing of this release couldn’t be better, because Educated Consumers begin touring tonight at Washington DC’s own Rock and Roll (H Street: Slightly better than you remember!) as a part of the Appetite For Distraction Tour.

Huge thanks are due to Seez Mics, who laid down this track in less time than it takes Drew to write a Wade & Jerry post while sitting on the shitter at work.

Today was a good day.

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