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06.17.13 4 years ago 49 Comments


It only took the near destruction of their franchise quarterback, but the Redskins have finally installed a workable playing surface at FedEx Field. Behold the lush greenily greenness. Having seen how this played out, I wonder what it would take for Dan Snyder to change his mind on the team name controversy? Offended protesters taking clubs to RGIII’s knee?

Also, the new field sod has a name. It’s called “Latitude 36”. I fully expect Snyder to have this branded on T-shirts by July.

— The Bengals “Hard Knocks” season debuts August 6. Wait, we’re still a month and a half out from the Hard Knocks season starting? Damn, this NFL season is never gonna come.

— Pacman Jones will address the attendees at the Rookie Symposium for the second year in a row, even though he just got arrested yet again. Honestly, I’m fine with whatever speech he gives being the first episode of the Hard Knocks season.

— Chad Johnson is out of jail. His 30-day sentence was reduced to a week after he apologized to the judge who flipped out because he tapped his lawyer’s backside. In other news, now totally available for Bengals Hard Knocks!

— Donald Driver retired at the end of last season when the Packers indicated they wouldn’t bring him back in 2013, but he wants the team to know he can quickly unretire if they ever change their mind about the “totally disinterested” thing.

— An Atlanta sports talk station did a segment mocking Steve Gleason this morning. They had a caller talking through a computer pretending to be Gleason, doing knock-knock jokes and claiming he didn’t know whether he’d still be alive next Thursday. You may find this surprising, but folks weren’t exactly thrilled with it.

— Sarah Thomas could become the first permanent female NFL referee as early as this coming season. If she does poorly at her job, I propose calling her Jeff Triplette-ette.

— Hall of Famer Lem Barney said on Friday that football is dangerous and will probably be gone forever in another 10 to 20 years because it’s gonna kill everybody. But now he’s sorry he said that since he would still like his bust in Canton to be there even after football dies.

— Ndamukong Suh did a good thing. And unlike when he saved Louie Anderson’s life, it didn’t have unfortunate unintended consequences.


— Just a reminder that Dwayne Bowe only signs for the very hottest dental assistants.

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