Zachary Quinto Premieres A Totally Legit ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip

12.05.12 5 years ago

Awhile back, J.J. Abrams visited Conan O’Brien to talk about Star Trek Into Darkness and premiere three frames of footage. Zachary Quinto (AKA DJ Jazzy Spocktopus) recently appeared on Conan and smuggled in a totally real clip from Star Trek Into Darkness to make up for the lack of content in Abrams’ footage. Okay, we made up the part about his nickname being “DJ Jazzy Spocktopus”, but — much like this clip — it should be real.

The exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness scene plays at two and a half minutes into the video, and Andy Richter’s cameo is intriguing as well. As “great” as this scene is, it could have really used some buspockke…

He tried to warn us about those aliens “exploding”.

[H/T: Blastr]

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