Five Have Been Arrested In Nepal After The Discovery Of A Suspected Human Sacrifice


Just days after China outlawed the eating of Tiger penis and snorting of Rhino horn, we get more local flavor from the region. This time it’s Nepal and the Hindu population’s propensity for sacrifice. According to The Guardian, nearly “80% of Nepal’s 28 million people are Hindu” and they are involved in the sacrifice of various animals. This includes goats, buffalo, and roosters.

The problem, this time, according to The Guardian, is that some of the residents may have opted for a human sacrifice:

The Kathmandu Post newspaper said the father of a man who was ill had confessed to the killing “to chase away the evil spirits” from his ailing son, after seeking advice from a village shaman.

He is said to have lured the boy with the help of neighbours to an isolated place by offering biscuits and promising to pay him 50 US cents. He then performed a religious rite, killed the boy and dumped his body in a bush, media reports said.

Upadhyaya said all five of those arrested will be charged with murder.

This is the kind of situation that makes you question the sanity of the human race and what drives some to do the things they do in the name of a deity. Even if you believe in spirits and the supernatural, I cannot imagine where killing a child is going to reflect graciously upon you in whatever afterlife you’ll visit.

(Via The Guardian)