ISIS Celebrated The Russian Plane Crash And Sent A Message To Vladimir Putin

Getty Image / John Moore

ISIS has released a five minute video celebrating the Metrojet plane crash that killed 224 passengers travelling from Sharm el Sheikh to St. Petersburg.

Vocativ reports that the video features ISIS militants handing out candy in the Iraqi city of Mosul and has been titled “Downing The Plane As Revenge For Our People In Syria.” The clip includes militants promising more attacks and threats of violence on Russian soil.

One militant mentions Russian President Vladimir Putin by name and claims the world leader is in line to receive retribution for his country’s actions in Syria.

“And you, Putin the pig! If you think you can destroy our state by sending your planes, vehicles and soldiers you are wrong and you will regret that. The plane we downed is the best proof. We will not be satisfied with downing your planes but will storm your houses and will slaughter you.”

ISIS has taken credit for the October 31 crash of Flight 9268, although there has been some disagreement over the claim. Russian and Egyptian officials have dismissed talk of ISIS involvement in the tragedy, but CNN reports that officials from the United States and Great Britain have expressed that the organization’s involvement is a possibility. The cable news outlet cites an unnamed U.S. intelligence official that believes the crash was caused by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate:

“There is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane.”

CNN also spoke with other U.S. officials that say their analysis shows a bomb was located on the plane.

(via CNN)