A Real-Life Captain America Saved Two People From A Fiery Car Accident

It’s not every day that a Captain America T-shirt can surpass all sorts of geekiness, fandom and coincidence — but that’s exactly what happened in Chatham County, North Carolina, on Sunday. That’s when Steve Voglezon, a captain in the U.S. Army stationed at nearby Fort Bragg, helped rescue several stranded passengers from a fiery two-car accident. Oh, and it was all captured on video.

As the real-life Steve Rogers told ABC News:

“I grabbed one of the fire extinguishers and we smashed out on the back window and the driver’s-side window. ….There wasn’t a real plan, I just had tunnel vision,” Voglezon said afterwards.

Voglezon credited his training with helping him stay calm.

“If I had not been a soldier, I would not have known what to do. The Army has helped a lot,” he said.

As the piece goes on to explain, Voglezon repeatedly downplayed his own actions — claiming (as the video shows, mostly) that the rescue was a group effort. Still, Marvel and next year’s Captain America: Civil War just earned some free press thanks to the soldier’s efforts.

I think Marvel should give Voglezon a walk-on role in Civil War for his efforts. Or at least let him visit the set.

(Via ABC News)