Aaron Paul Channeled Jesse Pinkman For His Response To The Toys R’ Us ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figure Battle

We’re not going to be finished with this Toys R’ Us Breaking Bad hoopla until every cast member makes a comment about it. First we got Bryan Cranston’s sly reply to the situation and now it’s Aaron Paul’s turn. Instead of taking the calmer road, Paul goes on a bit of a sarcastic Twitter “rant” that makes a few good points:

Barbie does send a pretty horrid message to girls and boys everywhere, mainly that you have a shot at being like Barbie. You have a better chance of ending up like Jesse Pinkman. Speaking of, Paul came back a bit later and channeled the drug kingpin turned drug slave in one more Tweet:


Now I seriously want to know what Obama has to say about the situation. He’s commenting on everything else these days, so I would think he’d need to address this too. Maybe if he puts down the fiddle for a while, Rome will stop burning.

(Via Aaron Paul / The Hollywood Reporter)