Watch Ben Carson Disapprovingly Allow Ted Cruz To Explain His Slimy Iowa Maneuver

At the crucial ABC debate ahead of the New Hampshire primaries, the GOP candidates fumbled their way onto the stage. One of the opening moments revolved around Ted Cruz’s slimy tactics as he wildly elbowed his way to victory in the Iowa caucus. Cruz is a sneaky one, and his staff planted fake resignation reports about Dr. Ben Carson — right before Iowa went down. At Saturday evening’s debate, an uncomfortable segment featured Carson addressing Cruz’s “deceitful behavior.”

Carson’s disapproval was evident, but he kept his tone firm. He admitted feeling “disappointed that members of [Cruz’s] team thought so little of me” to think he’d drop out ten minutes before the Iowa caucus. Cruz then took the mic with a weak, rambling explanation of how he had no idea what was happening. He had no idea his staff was planting rumors! He was busy caucusing. Then Cruz turned to Carson with a saccharine, “Ben, I’m sorry.” The apology seemed pretty darn fake, and Carson allowed Cruz to simmer in his own juices.

How does Carson really feel? Well, he recently tweeted a Fox News clip with his true take: “As the media discovers more facts surrounding Ted Cruz’s campaign resorting to dirty tricks, even they are appalled.” He’s tossing a little shade at the media, sure, but mostly at Cruz.

As for Twitter, the consensus is that Cruz is not to be trusted.