Al Franken Says That His Republican Friends In Congress Are Secretly Concerned About Trump’s Mental Well-Being

On Friday night, Al Franken appeared on Real Time (the same episode in which Jim Jefferies told Piers Morgan to “f*ck off”) and addressed the subject of Donald Trump’s mental well-being. There, he explained how — in regard to the Republican Senators who he speaks with — there is a “great concern” that’s privately expressed: “There’s a range in what they’ll say, and some will say that he’s not right mentally.”

On Sunday morning during a visit to CNN’s State of the Union, Franken continued the conversation with Jake Tapper, who wanted to know whether Republican Senators had really “expressed concerns about President Trump’s mental health.” And Franken answered that, yes, there were some who worried “in the way all of us have this suspicion. He lies a lot.” He did stress that “It’s not the majority of them, it’s a few.”

Franken calmly continued to express how this is not something that one would desire in a leader: “That is not the norm for a President of the United States, or actually for a human being.” Well, he does have a point. Regardless of Trump’s mental well-being, his lying and chronically impulsive behavior have raised alarms for some Americans.

Also this morning, Bernie Sanders echoed part of Franken’s sentiments: “We have a president who is delusional in many respects, a pathological liar.” Moderator Chuck Todd mentioned that these are “strong words,” but Sanders continued while addressing what it’s like to work around this issue:

“It makes life very difficult. It is very harsh, but I think that’s the truth … When somebody goes before you and says that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally … nobody believes that. There is not a scintilla of evidence to believe that, what would you call that remark? It’s a lie. It’s a delusion.”

Sanders was speaking about Trump’s statements on many issues, but mostly about Trump’s continued false claims that he would have won the popular vote if not for all those (nonexistent) illegal ballots. Will Trump still be repeating this claim in two years? You can watch Sanders below.

(Via CNN & NBC)