A New Poll Shows Roy Moore Narrowly Trailing Democrat Doug Jones In The Alabama Senate Race

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Many would assume that Republican Roy Moore would stand no chance of winning the Senate race in Alabama on December 12, but despite losing the U.S. Senate campaign arm’s support, locals have rallied in his favor. Those supporters have remained steadfast, even while Moore threatened to reveal “revelations” about those women who alleged (as initially reported by the Washington Post) that he had sexual contact with them while they were underage.

Yet although Moore is still very much in the game, his Democratic contender, Doug Jones, has managed to take the lead in a new poll by Louisiana-based JMC Analytics, as reported by That poll is a tight one, however, with Jones pulling in 46% support over Moore’s 42%. But with a 4% margin of error at play, the two candidates are still statistically tied, and with 9% of poll respondents stating that they remain undecided, this race could still churn out a Moore victory. has more analysis:

It’s the second poll since the allegations came out that reveals a loss of support for Moore. A Decision Desk HQ/Opinion Savvy poll released Friday had the race tied 46-46.

Meanwhile, three other polls conducted after The Post allegations had Moore with slight leads but all acknowledged that his chance of winning was dwindling.

Alabama voters will head to the polls on December 12. With a full month of back-and-forth between Moore and those who want to see him removed to go, there’s simply no way of telling how this will turn out. Even the Keurig boycott, which has been fueled by supporters of Sean Hannity’s stance on Moore, guarantees that this will be a tight race until the final moments.

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