A Large Majority Of Alabama Republicans Believe The Roy Moore Allegations Are False, According To A CBS Poll

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Jimmy Kimmel recently made it his mission to take on Roy Moore (with one heck of a fiery monologue to that effect). Yet while the late-night host proved himself to be instrumental in killing the GOP healthcare bill, he might not have the same effect in opposing the Alabama Senate candidate. Moore, who has argued that the pedophilia and sexual assault allegations against him are akin to the Trump-Russia probe, may have convinced his target audience that he’s innocent. According to a new CBS News poll, he looks positioned to fare well in his December 12 race against Democrat Doug Jones.

The results, which also note that voter turnout will obviously be a determining factor in this election, reveal that a large majority of Alabama Republicans believe that the allegations against Moore are fabricated:

A new CBS News poll finds 71 percent of Alabama Republicans say the allegations against Roy Moore are false, and those who believe this also overwhelmingly believe Democrats and the media are behind those allegations.

The poll found 92 percent of Republicans who don’t believe the allegations against Moore say the Democrats are behind the charges, and 88 percent say newspapers and the media are behind them.

One can also chalk these poll results up to President Trump’s tweets against Doug Jones, even as the White House insists that Trump won’t physically stump for Moore on the campaign trail. Yet most of the polls have shown the two candidates in a narrow race, so turnout will be key. And if Jones’ dramatic new ad is any indication, Democrats may indeed make their voices heard, even though many believe that a Moore win could be inevitable.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell has openly changed his position after his previous multiple calls for Moore to leave the race. A few weeks ago, McConnell stated, “I believe the women,” but on Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, he told George Stephanopoulos, “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”

(Via CBS News & ABC News)