An A-List Celebrity Willing To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration Has Finally Emerged

Poor Donald Trump. No one wants to perform at his inauguration. The president-elect, who lost the popular vote by nearly three million, by the way, was allegedly turned down by everyone from Garth Brooks to Elton John and Andrea Bocelli. Even after his team secured one of the few high profile acts willing to perform, the Radio City Rockettes, rumors began to swirl that many Rockettes did not want to participate, forcing the group’s union to release a statement that made it clear that any kind of boycott would be forbidden.

Not exactly the kind of press a tiny-pawed, thin-skinned future leader of our country wants to hear about the party celebrating his big entrance into office, you know? Thankfully one lone A-list celeb has stepped up to the plate… Only we’re not sure if what Alec Baldwin is suggesting is exactly the kind of act Trump had in mind.

Do you think he’d even do it in full-on pucker mode? Sadly, it seems highly unlikely that we’ll ever find out. In all seriousness, Trump’s SNL doppelganger also had some harsh words for the president-elect’s first day in office.

We knew it was too good to be true. At the very least, if in some alternate reality Baldwin did show up at the inauguration, you can bet he’d charge Trump just a little bit more than $1,400.