Alex Jones Settles A Lawsuit With Chobani And Apologizes For His Derogatory Comments About Refugees

The ongoing humiliations of Alex Jones shall never end! The ever-suffering Infowars host — who does this to himself, by the way — recently did the unthinkable (in March) by apologizing for disseminating the dangerous Pizzagate conspiracy theory (although he blamed others for starting it). That move was likely prompted by legal action, but his next apology was most certainly prompted by a lawsuit from Chobani yogurt factory. Jones had previously published fake stories galore while accusing the company of being linked to “migrant rapists.” In doing so, he also described Twin Falls, Idaho as running rampant with crime and tuberculosis.

This was a typically outrageous Jones theory with no concern paid to the hurt he might inflict. In response, Chobani’s lawyers dragged out some of Jones’ greatest hits, including his conspiracy about the Sandy Hook massacre being orchestrated by the government. Here comes the apology:

“During the week of April 10, 2017, certain statements were made on the Infowars, Twitter feed and YouTube channel regarding Chobani LLC that I now understand to be wrong. The tweets and video have now been retracted, and will not be re-posted. On behalf of Infowars, I regret that we mischaracterized Chobani, its employees and the people of Twin Falls, Idaho, the way we did.”

All of this nuttiness has come about in the name of performance art. By the way, if you go to the beginning of the above video, you can hear Jones’ comments when Chobani initially sued him. He trashed them like crazy.

(Via Infowars)