If You’re Jaded About Politics, You Should Get To Know Alex M. White

Last month, Alex M. White served as a delegate for California’s 13th congressional district at the Democratic National Convention (casting his vote for Bernie Sanders). Participating in the DNC‘s roll call stirred a raw and intensely personal brand of patriotism in the Peace Corps alum. He felt a sense of hope — deepened by his candidate’s promise that the “revolution continues.”

Sanders’ pledge resonated with White for very personal reasons. In 2013, his wife’s rare form of lung cancer went into remission after a prolonged battle. The pair’s experience with the American healthcare system was toxic — leaving them in crippling debt, and motivating White’s involvement with the Democratic party.

We met White at the DNC and found ourselves captivated by his energy, his spirit, and his commitment. He’s a true world shaker, with a sincere passion to help create lasting change in our country.