This Google Chrome Extension Changes ‘Alt-Right’ To ‘White Supremacist’

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The Alt-Right has emerged as an inflammatory group in this election cycle, and many are quick to point out that the movement bears many similarities in belief to white supremacists. Born out of the ultra-right wing Breitbart, there is a movement brewing that is fighting against the normalization of these beliefs by the media. Joining the ranks against such rhetoric and ideals is New Yorker George Zola (a pseudonym), who created the Google Chrome extension Stop Normalizing The Alt Right, which replaces all mentions you come across online of ‘alt-right’ and replaces it with ‘white supremacy’ in an attempt to combat the sanitization of white nationalism. Zola told The Huffington Post,

“I don’t want this term to be sugar coated, I want it to instantly make [people] recoil in the same way most recoil when thinking of white supremacists or white nationalists groups. They’re scary, dangerous, and it’s important we stop the normalization of this before it gets out of hand. History shows us how quickly these movements can spiral out of control.”

Zola, who is white, created the extension as a way to express solidarity with the groups who face vitriol from these radical groups, as well as for “the rational Trump supporters out there who don’t tolerate white supremacy” and a “large portion of Americans in denial about how bad [racism] is, or worse, [refuse] to think there’s a race problem at all.”

This kind of coded language was part Trump’s rise to prominence, so a little transparency in people’s media intake could be a very good thing.

(Via The Huffington Post)