Fox News Asks For Sanctions Against A ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit From Former Anchor Andrea Tantaros

In April, former Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit against Fox News for harassing her online in an effort to get her to drop a different lawsuit against the network for sexual harassment. In that suit, Tantaros alleged that Fox News hacked and surveilled her phone, email, and other communications and used dummy social media accounts to intimidate her. In response, Fox News has called the lawsuit an “outright hoax” and demanded sanctions against Tantaros and her attorney Judd Burnstein.

Per LawNewz:

Fox News described Tantaros’ allegations as “like the plot of a television drama.” Fox’s attorneys accuse Burstein of falsely accusing Fox News of criminal conduct, claiming that he only filed it “to generate negative headlines for, and inflict maximum damage on, Fox News.” They claim that had Burstein done “even a minimal factual investigation,” he would have discovered that Tantaros’ allegations were “an outright hoax.”

Fox continues to say that Burnstein either “filed false allegations or did not meet his professional obligation to investigate his client’s claims properly.” Fox is seeking monetary damage and, get this, dismissal of the case and a barring of Tarantos from using the courts in any future legal action against the network.

Burnstein said the network had “handed [him] the smoking gun” and “in their effort to bully Ms. Tantaros by filing a frivolous sanctions motion, counsel for Fox News has demonstrated its guilt.” In their complaint, Fox News mentioned a now-deleted tweet that targeted Tantaros. Burnstein reasons that the tweet would only have been deleted if the tweeter knew it would be included in a lawsuit, which the tweeter would know if they were monitoring Tantaros’ communications with Burnstein.

(via The Hollywood Reporter & LawNewz)