An Indiana Politician Is Using A Hilariously Blunt Billboard In Her Campaign

In this mess of a political cycle, all of the attention has been on the title bout taking place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But on down-ballot races all around the country, Democrats and Republicans are facing off in small town battles that might mean a lot more for local voters than the Presidential race. While the GOP panics that low voter turnout due to Trump’s failure to inspire Republican voters, a candidate for Treasurer of Indiana’s Monroe County is letting voters know they can count on her having the bare minimum skills to take office.

Counting? Very important. Not stealing? A bonus! Ann Collins, a real estate investor in the county, seems to have good reasons for running for the position. The incumbent treasurer was not eligible to run again due to term limits and she thinks she can do some good. When she filed to run, she said,

“I am doing this because accountability, honesty and competence are essential and I would ensure these characteristics are the foundational qualities of the office. Anything less would be a betrayal to my family, my friends, and more importantly, the ones that put their faith in me-the citizens of Monroe County.”

While the billboard might be a bit too blunt for an important campaign, Ann isn’t lowering the bar as much as she’s telling the people the bare minimum of what they need to know. Most American citizens probably can’t even articulate what their local treasurer does on a day-to-day basis so the fact that Ann doesn’t steal AND knows how to count might be just what the voters want to confirm before they put her in office. After this year’s election, assuming every person up for a political role can competently count might be a mistake unless there is some hard and fast proof.

Ann also said that as a successful businesswoman she intends to use her and education to succeed. That sounds pretty similar to what Donald Trump thinks his skills are, but Ann looks to be doing much better in her local campaign than he is nationally. It probably helps that she enjoys posing with farm animals and dogs. That’s just “local campaign strategy” 101.