Ann Coulter Still Supports Donald Trump Even Though He’s A ‘Mental’ 16-Year-Old Kid

ann coulter calls donald trump mental
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If you enter a political discussion with the statement “Ann Coulter supports Donald Trump,” the other participants will probably do one of three things:

  1. Laugh.
  2. Laugh a lot.
  3. Laugh and say something sarcastic like, “Water is wet.”

Actually, the group will do all three, but not if you follow up your point with the fact that Coulter isn’t happy with Trump’s behavior regarding his big to-do with rival Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. That, and the fact that she repeatedly called him “mental” in a conversation with fellow conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos.

According to the National Review, the name-calling came from an excerpt of the Breitbart editor’s conversation with Coulter on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show. The two were discussing Trump’s “mischievous late-night tweets” when Yiannopoulos broached the subject of Trump and Cruz’s fight — their wives, Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump. Coulter wasn’t impressed with the New York real estate mogul’s handling of the matter.

“Our candidate is mental! Do you realize our candidate is mental? It’s like constantly having to bail out your sixteen-year-old son from prison. Let’s move past last night’s tweet — you know perfectly well what tweet I’m talking about. This is the worst thing he’s done.”

As surprising as Coulter’s disappointment in Trump’s behavior (considering her otherwise steadfast commitment to the candidate), it was nowhere near as horrifying as what Yiannopoulos said to prompt it. When Coulter said that she was “a little testy with our man right now,” the Breitbart editor joked, “Daddy’s annoyed you?”


(Via Talking Points Memo and National Review)