Ann Coulter May Actually Hate Delta Airlines More Than She Hates Liberals

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Ann Coulter’s reputation may have preceded her during a Delta flight from New York to Florida on Saturday. The Conservative pundit reportedly reserved an “extra room seat” well ahead of the flight, thinking that all would be fine and it would be an uneventful trip. Then she was apparently asked to move by the Delta crew to make room for another passenger for an unspecified reason. We know this because Coulter unleashed a tweetstorm unlike most you’ve ever seen.

The pundit tweeted for close to two hours about Delta’s practices, the people who took her seat, the response of the flight crew to her questions about her seat, and the quality of Delta’s WiFi during the entire flight. If you listen close enough, you can actually hear her still yelling about it. If you needed more proof, just look at the faces of the people next to Coulter’s reserved seat:

It’s clear just from the looks that this was a person who was not happy and likely was letting everybody know it. Also, it’s understandable. While most things that Coulter says are inflammatory and offensive, this is the sort of thing that could happen to any of us. It’s not a dog in the aisle or a crazy person shouting Trump slogans at you, but merely just a seating issue. That said, it’s Ann Coulter and she’s somebody who might’ve wore out the ability of others to see her side of things.

Now Delta has had its fair share of bad news over the years, including in the wake of the United incident where a passenger was dragged off the flight. This nowhere near that level of controversy, but Coulter would lead you to believe that it was.

And best of all, she literally took a two hour break from tweeting about the situation — possibly due to the bad WiFi according to her claims — only to continue shortly after:

Then she continued to tweet into the next day, posting fresh takes on Delta airlines for lunch on Sunday, including several retweets from supporters:

And as we said, there’s definitely a valid complaint here. At the very least, the airline could offer a proper explanation for the seat change and guarantee some sort of concession for a future flight. Past that, though, it seems there are plenty of people taking joy from Coulter’s situation.