Ann Coulter Threatens To Cancel Her Pro-Trump Book Tour After He Hints At ‘Softening’ Immigration Policy

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is threatening to cancel her pro-Donald Trump book tour if he follows through on “softening” his immigration stance. “I think this is a mistake. It sounds like it’s coming from consultants,” she told Chris Matthews on MSNBC Tuesday night. “I’ve thought he’s made other mistakes, and I’ve given him constructive criticism when I think he makes a mistake. I think this is a mistake.”

Coulter’s response follows Trump’s Tuesday night Fox News interview with Sean Hannity. The real estate mogul said, “There certainly can be a softening, because we’re not looking to hurt people.” Kellyanne Conway, the Republican presidential nominee’s new campaign manager, also said that Trump will be meeting with experts in the field to revise his immigration proposals. Trump and Conway have both insisted that if elected president, Trump will follow existing laws and use tactics similar to that of President Obama.

Coulter said Trump’s positioning “sounded very consultant to me.” She also added, “This could be the shortest book tour ever if he’s really softening his position on immigration.” Coulter plans to tour for her new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, before election day. “I just don’t understand why he’s going to these really tired talking points that both Democrat and Republican politicians use.” Coulter said. “I think he’s panicking and talking to the wrong people.”

In response to claims that Trump will follow the same rules as any other candidate when it comes to immigration, Coulter balked. “It’s crazy. They are fighting the deportations of rapists. They are fighting the deportations of murderers,” she said. “Hillary says she’s going to open the borders, she’s going to amnesty everyone. She’s going to quadruple the number of Muslim refugees. So to say there’s no difference, I think, is crazy.”

Earlier this week, Coulter claimed that a Hillary Clinton presidency would prevent all future Republican wins by giving amnesty to immigrants. Her logic is that any immigrant who becomes a naturalized citizen under Clinton’s administration will become a Democratic voter for life.

(Via The Hill)