Anthony Scaramucci Claims Trump Hasn’t Done A Single Objectionable Thing In The Past 11 Months

Anthony Scaramucci stopped by Fox and Friends on Monday morning, because that seems to be what he does now — popping up on cable news shows to defend Donald Trump despite the fact that he is no longer on the White House payroll. And this appearance was no different, as the shortest-tenured press secretary had the president’s back even as host Brian Kilmeade warned that impeachment will likely be on the horizon should the Democrats gain control of the house in 2018.

“They’re gonna go right for impeachment,” Scaramucci countered. “What are they gonna impeach him on?” When Steve Doocy pointed out that impeachment is “political” and so it doesn’t matter, the Mooch continued. “I understand that but my point is that at some point, through good communication and through awareness, we got to get it out to the American people, what are you gonna impeach the guy on?”

“He hasn’t done anything — and I say this to my liberal friends, tell me the policy that the president has put in place in the past 11 months that has been so objectionable to you,” he continued. “You can’t find one!”

Well, he’s probably right in that most liberals, or even moderate conservatives can’t find one thing that Trump has done objectionable during his term in office, anyway. And as far as impeachment goes, if Russia doesn’t do it then there’s always the 25th Amendment to fall back on. Time will tell.