Anthony Scaramucci Forked Over $100,000 To Appear In ‘Wall Street 2’ While Trump’s Cameo Got Cut

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Ever since his appointment way back in July, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has bested his new boss’s lust for publicity at every turn. Delivering a Saturday Night Live-esque press briefing boast of the president, forcing The New Yorker and other major outlets to publish the word “c*ck,” missing the birth of his own child for a speech — there’s nothing Donald Trump can do that the “Mooch” isn’t willing to take to 11. According to a new report regarding the one acting credit to his name, however, it seems Scaramucci was one-upping Trump long before their time in the White House.

The Daily Beast dug into the two brief scenes Scaramucci scored in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the less successful 2010 sequel to Oliver Stone’s 1987 classic starring Michael Douglas as the enigmatic Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), and discovered the true nature of SkyBridge Capital founder’s audition. That is to say, there wasn’t one:

The Mooch’s brief cameos, which amount to less than fifteen total seconds of screen time, didn’t come cheap. According to sources close to the production, in exchange for the cameos — and the SkyBridge Capital logo being displayed prominently during a charity gala sequence in the film — Scaramucci ponied up around $100,000.

In other words, the two short scenes featuring Scaramucci chatting with clients and preemptively using the word “yuge” came with a price tag. As The Daily Beast points out, however, at least the Mooch’s costly cameo made the final cut. Trump’s brief exchange with Gekko at a London barbershop, which Stone ultimately excised from the film despite the Celebrity Apprentice star’s “stunning” performance, wasn’t so lucky. Then again, Scaramucci’s brief lines and company promotion didn’t come with two pages of demands.

(Via The Daily Beast)