Manchester Opened Its Doors And Hearts For Those Affected By The Incident At An Ariana Grande Concert

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Various news reports are coming from the disturbing scene in Manchester where an alleged suicide bomber detonated at an Ariana Grande concert, leaving 20 dead and dozens more injured. While some have immediately gotten political with sick jokes being tweeted ad nauseam, others on the scene are working hard to make sure those affected are being taken care of, especially the potentially thousands of kids who have been left stranded as trains and buses have been shut down in the wake of the attack.

Twitter has helped multiple people missing people be found and has assured worried family and friends that the ones they love are safe. Beyond the outpouring of thoughts and prayers, those who are able to act, are. Residents of the surrounding area are opening their homes to those unable to get safely back to their families, and local hotels have become a safe haven for minors that are unable to get in touch with their parents.

Beyond the heroics from the first responders, locals are opening up their homes to anyone who may need it, even if it’s just offering up tea and a couch. Taxis around the city have also shut off their meters and are giving free rides to anyone in need. In a heartbreaking moment like this, it’s worth remembering that people out there are overwhelmingly good, and are here to help.