An Arkansas Judge Resigns After Investigators Unearth Nude Photos Of Defendants

A judge who worked in Arkansas for decades resigned from his post on Monday for a host of allegations, including the verbal abuse of minorities and women involved in his cases and possession of child pornography. He’s also accused of taking nude photos of many of his male defendants and coercing sexual relationships from them with the promise of lenient treatment.

According to the New York Daily News, Cross County, Ark. Judge Joseph Boeckmann preferred sexually abusing young white men who came before him with legal troubles. He took countless photos of them bent over, some of which he took as they picked up trash in his yard, some of them while they were nude. Over 1000 of those photos were found on his computer, and his relationships with them included his preference for spanking.

Arkansas’ Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission had eight open cases (which were opened back in November) against Boeckmann “for giving preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors.” There are currently 12 victims that the commission knows about, but the director said that there could be as many as 100. Boeckmann resigned before more information about this could come out, although a special prosecutor is now determining whether to file criminal charges.

(via New York Daily News)