An Arkansas Woman Who Scored The Nickname #PrisonBae Is The New Sexy Mugshot Guy

Step aside, “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks, and “Cute Mugshot Girl,” because the internet has found a new mugshot to obsess over. Allow us to introduce you to Sarah Seawright, who was taken into custody in Pulaski County, Arkansas last month for failing to appear in court over a 2014 careless driving arrest. After being featured on the Tumblr site Ugly Plastic, however, Seawright has recently risen to viral fame due to her angelic, #IWokeUpLikeThis mugshot, earning herself the nickname #PrisonBae.

But like Meeks, Seawright also boasts quite the impressive rap sheet. In addition to the careless driving charge, she was previously arrested in 2012 on aggravated robbery, first degree battery, tampering with evidence, theft of property, and kidnapping charges.

Police say the victim was walking in the parking lot of the Target at 7349 Alcoa Road on December 10th. Police say a woman known to the victim, Sara Seawright, offered the victim a ride.

Once inside, the car drove around to the back of the Target. A man in the car, identified by police as LeDarius Laron Scales, robbed the victim at gunpoint then struck him in the head with the gun.

Not surprisingly, many were able to overlook Seawright’s past indiscretions on account of her smoking hot good looks.

Somehow Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was somehow dragged into the mix, as someone tweeted at the former NFL player to bail her out:

Seawright is already out on bond, however, and reveling in her newfound fame on social media. Long live the internet.

(Via NY Daily News, CW33)