A Holocaust Denier Is The Republican Congressional Nominee For A Chicago-Area Congressional Race

Illinois held the state’s Democrat and Republican primaries on Tuesday, setting up several key November races, from governor to U.S. Congress, but one particular race has captured the attention of those outside of Illinois. In the race for the nomination in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional district, which represents parts of Chicago and its outlaying suburbs, progressives on the left were dealt a blow when incumbent Dan Lipinski, an anti-abortion Democrat, squeaked by Marie Newman, who had received endorsements from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The real fireworks however, came on the other side of the ticket in the race. Running unopposed, Arthur Jones finally secured the Republican nomination after trying to land it five times previously. Jones’ claim to fame is charmingly being denounced by the Illinois Republican party for his views that range from racist to denying the Holocaust — which his website refers to as the “biggest, blackest, lie in history.” The National Republican Congressional Committee has also said it will not endorse Jones in November’s election (a decision likely made easier by Lipinski’s narrow victory). Even with the state GOP literally referring to Jones as a Nazi, he still received more than 20,000 votes.

Jones is unlikely to win the spot in his district, but either way the head of the state GOP says he plans to donate to an independent candidate.

(Via CNN and Vice News)