A Fourth Explosion In Austin Within Weeks Has Injured Multiple People

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This month, a series of three package bombings struck Austin, killing two people and injuring three more (two attacks occurred last Monday with the FBI and ATF response shown above). In each instance, the affected residents opened packages to delivered to their homes, and authorities believed the bombings were connected. On Sunday morning, authorities told reporters that the attacks were clearly “meant to send a message,” and they called upon the perpetrator to turn himself in while insisting, “We want to listen to you.” Yet the perpetrator appears to have now executed a fourth bombing.

Late Sunday night in southwest Austin, another explosion materialized. ABC News has details about the two injured victims:

The Austin-Travis Country EMS tweeted Sunday night that there was a “critical incident” at Dawn Song Drive in Austin and medics were on their way for injuries to two males in their 20s with serious injuries … Sources told ABC News that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were responding, too.

Given that the previous bombings all targeted properties owned by African-Americans, authorities believed that the bombings could be connected and might be hate crimes. There’s been no word, however, whether this explosion fits the same profile, although that information will likely be forthcoming. Also, and shortly after the fourth explosion occurred, reports of a twin explosion circulated, but these were mere duplicate reports — only one incident occurred on Sunday night.

Authorities have spread word of a $115,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the serial bomber. According to a tweet from Austin-Travis Country EMS, the newest victims’ injuries are “not expected to be life-threatening.”

UPDATE #1 – 11:50pm EST: Austin police have delivered a preliminary briefing to request that all nearby residents stay inside until daylight. At that point, authorities hope to know more about this explosion.

(Via ABC News, NBC News, New York Times & Austin Statesman)