The Girl Who Live Tweeted The Horror Of War-Torn Syria Has Finally Left Aleppo

Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old girl who documented her experiences in Aleppo on Twitter, has safely evacuated from the city. Numerous journalists, including Hadi Alabdallah (shown above), tweeted out photos to show Alabed had surfaced alive, along with thousands of other civilians, which is a welcome bit of good news following last week’s failed ceasefires.

Alabed entered the spotlight as her Twitter account, @alabedbana, served as a lifeline to civilization during nightly airstrikes by pro-government forces in Aleppo. She amassed more than 330,000 followers with a combination of messages from herself and her mother, with some being very striking:

There were initial fears that Alabed had become an Aleppo casualty, as her Twitter account remained inactive for a few days. A hashtag campaign of #WhereisBana sought to figure out where she was. Thankfully, she began tweeting again, alleviating everyone’s fears. It was a relief when she emerged with a happy smile.

On the flipside, there were others who accused the verified account of being used as propaganda, which doesn’t appear to be the case. The situation in Aleppo continues to remain in flux, though, as thousands are still waiting to be evacuated from the city and ceasefire agreements are continually being agreed upon and then broken. Some have safely gotten out of Aleppo, but evacuation efforts are moving much slower than anticipated.

Fortunately, Alabed and her family emerged from the city and will begin a new life. Here’s her most well-known Twitter photo, which hails from September.

(Via Mashable & NBC News)