Harrowing Footage Shows A Woman And Her Dog Rescued From Drowning In Baton Rouge

Incredible footage has emerged out of flood-ravaged Louisiana as a team of heroes came to the rescue of a woman and her dog as they came perilously close to drowning. As the harrowing video of their rescue shows, things could have been much worse if these caring souls didn’t arrive in the nick of time.

Baton Rouge’s WAFB placed footage of the dramatic water rescue on display for the world to see. In the clip, a trapped woman and her canine companion are sinking inside their convertible. She screams for help as three men arrive by boat to get the passengers free and above water. One of the rescuers (identified as David Phung) jumped into the water to pull the woman out of the sinking vehicle. She immediately shouts “get my dog!” once above water and after some more tense moments her pet is nabbed and pulled to safety. Phung’s bravery and the bravery of this makeshift rescue team stopped what appeared to be a likely tragedy.

We have the footage from WAFB located above and if you’d like to donate money to help those impacted by the flooding southeast Louisiana, the United Way is currently seeking support.

(Via WAFB)