Angry Mother Of Benghazi Victim On Hillary Clinton: ‘Special Place In Hell For People Like Her’

At Wednesday evening’s CNN Univision Democratic Debate, moderators grilled Hillary Clinton on a number of inconsistencies. She’s got plenty of scandals in her political closet, and Benghazi is still high on the list. Jorge Ramos asked Clinton whether she lied to the victims’ families, and the former Secretary of State replied that she felt much sympathy for those Americans and their loved ones. Clinton then switched course to call one victim’s mother “absolutely wrong.” Maybe some Benghazi information changed, according to Clinton, but she did not lie. In response, the audience booed.

Clinton went on to say that anyone who paid attention would know she answered all questions, and none of the congressional investigations unearthed any new information. Further, Clinton pointed out how terrorists have taken many American lives, yet none of those instances were politicized like Benghazi. To follow up on the debate, Pat Smith spoke with Fox News to reinforce her belief that Clinton lied about her son Sean’s death:

“I think that as a mother I deserve to know. All I want to know is why my son is dead. … As Madeleine Albright said, ‘there’s a special place in hell’ for people like her. And I hope she enjoys it there.”

Smith insists that she’s not acting out of political motivation. She also questions Clinton’s support of women if she won’t reach out to a fellow mother with the truth. Smith has spoken out against Clinton’s Benghazi-related actions on a number of occasions, so it’s fair to assume she’ll keep hammering away as this presidential race continues.