Bernie Sanders Finally Admits That He And Larry David Are The Same Person

Democratic Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Take Part In Town Hall Meeting
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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders attended another (yes, another) CNN town hall, which wasn’t a genuine town hall in the sense that guests were pre-invited and vetted. Presumably, all questions were arranged in advance, as well, but the Bern took a few moments to address the upcoming weekend’s episode of SNL. As many are aware, Larry David will host the episode to great fanfare; and though the promos don’t reveal much, there’s no way that David won’t bust out his Sanders impression several times. For sure, we’ll see a clever interpretation of the Iowa caucus coin tosses heard ’round the internet. Perhaps there will be a Sarah Palin rejoinder courtesy of Tina Fey.

Host Anderson Cooper had a little fun (and so did Bern) with the Larry David bit. Sanders chided Coop for not realizing the truth after a lengthy journalism career: “It’s true. I am Larry David. And you didn’t get it.”

Bern showed a wicked sense of humor throughout the evening. He addressed the possibility of running against Donald Trump by, well, mercilessly making fun of Trump:

“Trump is, as you know, a well-known scientist—brilliant scientist. And he has concluded after years of studying the issue that climate change is a hoax brought to us by the Chinese. Now, that shocked me, Anderson, because I thought that he would have thought it was a hoax brought to us by the Mexicans or the Muslims — Chinese I didn’t quite get … So I think — and I would love the opportunity, frankly, I’m prejudiced — I want Trump to win the Republican nomination. And I would love the opportunity to run against him. I think we would win by a lot.”

A “brilliant scientist?” Bern is having too much fun. Here’s that “climate change is a hoax” statement as delivered by an aged Trump tweet:

Not bad. Trump makes fun of everyone else, so he could use a little ribbing. However, Trump didn’t seem to notice that he’s not a “brilliant scientist.” In response, Trump simply tweeted that Sanders would be “so easy to beat.”

(Via CNN)