Bernie Sanders Condemns His ‘Bernie Bros’ Follower Contingent As ‘Disgusting’

There are a lot of people excited about Bernie Sanders these days. Unfortunately, a vocal contingent of his supporters, called “Bernie Bros,” stump for their favorite candidate by criticizing Hillary Clinton for being a woman and attacking those who express any criticism about the Bern on Twitter.

Bernie bros can do a lot of damage, leading some writers to lock their social media counts like so:

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sander said that he’s heard of these supporters, and that what they’re doing is “disgusting,” which will probably surprise the Bernie Bros. “Look, we don’t want that crap,” Sanders says in his trademark straight shooting style. “Anybody supporting me who is doing sexist things, we don’t want them. I don’t want them. That is not what this campaign is about.” Ouch. Will the Bernie Bros will start flooding their fearless leader’s Twitter with their disapproval?

According to the Washington Times, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has criticized Sanders for not doing more to combat the Bernie bros. Clinton herself said on “State of the Union” that she gets sexist remarks every day, and that she continues to talk about why she’s qualified for the highest office in the land amid the double standard that she faces as a woman.

(Via Washington Times)