This Teen Went To Prom With A Cardboard Bernie Sanders Cutout

Prom can be a real mixed bag for high school students. There are sad prom stories, uplifting prom stories, and then there are some straight up weird prom stories. This, fellow friends, falls under the last category. A high school senior decided to forego the usual prom tradition and go with a bit of an unusual date. Instead of a fellow classmate, or even a friend from another school, Chloe Raynaud got creative with her choice and chose to go with a life size Bernie Sanders cutout.

Her “date” got to go through all of the normal prom traditions from wearing a corsage to a romantic slow dance to crowd surfing with Chloe’s classmates. I don’t remember ever being allowed to crowd surf at my prom (although we did steal some flags from the adjoining golf course), but it only makes sense that a possible presidential nominee gets special permissions at a high school prom. Chloe is lucky that the day of her prom was bright and sunny, or she would have been dealing with a saggy cardboard version of her chosen candidate instead of Feeling the Bern. According to her Twitter account, Chloe plans on bringing the cutout to college with her next year. Seeing as he probably isn’t going to come from behind and snag the nomination over Clinton, Chloe may end up reconsidering that plan over the summer.

Maybe cardboard cutouts of losing presidential candidates will be the new Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster for college dorms.

(via New York Daily News)