Best Protest Ever?

This protest is a smashing success!

A PETA protest in Hollywood on World Water Day, which included two topless women showering along a busy road, caused a car accident (not pictured above; that’s the London protest with Playboy models. Just trust my judgement on this one).  The reason for the topless protest was to objectify women while complaining about mistreatment of animals point out a somewhat questionable statistic that producing one pound of meat requires 2400 gallons of water. There’s also a fascinating video of the crash at Buzzfeed including a safe-for-work interview of the naked girls– holy crap, is that a random shot of a dog wearing sunglasses!?  This news report has everything.

Forever alone.

Cloud Girlfriend is a new web service which, for a price, will invent a fake, attractive online girlfriend who will leave messages on a guy’s Facebook page so his family, friends, and co-workers think he has a girlfriend.  The site claims “the best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one.”  Here I thought the best way to get a girlfriend was to actually interact with human females like a normal person.  Shows how much I know.  The site hasn’t officially launched yet, so we can still hold out hope for humanity that it’s an elaborate social psychology or performance art project.  For now, interested men can sign up for an early invitation to this 21st century version of, “She’s in Canada. You wouldn’t know her.”

Speaking of lonely guys, a group of trolls on Reddit’s 4chan forum are planning to create fake female profiles at OKCupid to invite guys to meet them at the pay phones on 46th and Broadway in New York City on May 13th at 7:30 p.m., thus creating a huge “Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob”.  They can then watch the flashmob on camera 2 of the Times Square webcam.  I’m hoping only one of the OKCupid members actually falls for it and shows up for the flashmob.  Forever alone.


  • Topless PETA protest causes car accident. (Metro, video at Buzzfeed, banner picture of the similar, better London protest with Playboy models via Telegraph. You’re welcome)
  • Cloud Girlfriend will create a fake long-distance girlfriend to stalk your Facebook.  So that’s healthy. (TheMarySue)
  • Reddit’s 4chan forum plotting a “Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob”. (Urlesque)



  • Einstein, the World’s Tiniest Horse, celebrates his first tiny birthday with a tiny party hat.  Okay, the hat was photoshopped in, but the real pictures aren’t any less adorable. (photoshopped by BWE)
  • A sick pig in Hampshire, England, has been rescued from an owner who neglected it and fed it on a diet of bacon sandwiches.  Wait, you made a starving pig eat bacon?  You bastards. (BBC)
  • Paleontologists have discovered fossils of a giant rabbit on the island of Minorca.  The giant bunnies went extinct three to five million years ago; Jimmy Stewart’s ghost inconsolable. (CBS)



  • The record companies suing Limewire estimated their damages as being up to $75 trillion.  That’s more than the GDP of every country on earth and more money than the recording industry has made since the invention of the phonograph in 1877.  Strangely enough, the Judge called this an “absurdity”. (CrunchGear)
  • Here’s a helpful chart called a “World Breast Size Map”. Try not to crash any cars looking at it. (Buzzfeed)
  • In interests of equal time, here’s a similar infographic about penis size.  BRB, gotta go buy a plane ticket. (Geekologie)