BET Founder Bob Johnson Advises African-Americans To Give Trump A Shot After A ‘Great Chat’

Despite the fact that the KKK endorsed him and he’s filling up his cabinet with noted racists and white nationalists, Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson still thinks black people should give Donald Trump a shot.

The Democratic media magnate said he was invited by Trump for a sit-down meeting on Sunday about how he can better reach out to the African-American community. Johnson told CNBC on Monday that the president-elect was more than open to discussing what his administration can do for the community and the issues he believes are important.

The two billionaires steered clear of politics, and instead focused on business solutions and social problems. “President-elect Trump is a business guy, and I think he’s going to tilt towards finding the way to use fiscal policy and his own knowledge as a business guy to move the economy forward for jobs and economy growth,” Johnson said.

Johnson stated he left the meeting feeling like Trump and the African-American community could work to find common ground, but that it didn’t mean African-Americans were going to support the president-elect. Paraphrasing a quote from Congressional Black Caucus member Bill Clay, Johnson continued, “Black Americans should have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Just permanent interests. I think with the Trump administration, that’s the philosophy [African-Americans] should take.”

Johnson also recommended that minorities should adhere to President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s advice, since Trump appeared to be open to the idea of what African-Americans have to gain from a Trump administration. “As Obama and Hillary said, let’s give him a shot and give him the benefit of the doubt and see if we can find common ground. I think that’s the best interest for African-Americans,” Johnson concluded.