This Video Of Bill Cosby’s Perp Walk Set To The ‘Cosby Show’ Theme Song Is Perfection

Bill Cosby arrived at the Montgomery County courthouse in Elkins Park, Pa. early Wednesday afternoon, where his perp walk was captured before live cameras and reporters, stumbling as he made his way in to be arraigned for aggravated indecent assault felony charges. People are already having a good deal of fun with the Sad Cos Perp Walk, but we decided to take it a step further and set it to The Cosby Show theme song (season four, natch), to transform it into comedy gold. How the mighty have (almost literally) fallen. Damn if that isn’t one hella catchy tune though.

Once arraigned, Cosby was freed on $1 million bail and asked to surrender his passport. He has unsurprisingly plead not guilty to the charges. His mugshot has likewise hit the internet:

(H/T our own Chet Manley for his superb video editing skills)