Bill Maher Decodes The Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Basically A Con Man

Bill Maher spent the bulk of Real Time this week taking aim at Donald Trump. This comes in the wake of several violent incidents at Trump rallies and the cancellation of a planned event in Chicago. It isn’t even summer and the presidential race seems like it is stuck in the toilet, struggling to break free or get flushed completely.

One of the big topics came with Maher’s later segment guest Maria Konnikova, author of The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time. The discussion essentially looks at why Trump is a con man who is trying to convince the people to vote for him with boasts and odd looking steaks. Instead of trying to take the election from the American public, Trump is essentially playing into what the public wants and gaining the confidence of the people.

This plays into an earlier segment from the show, detailing where Trump has almost led his supporters into the recent violence at his rallies. It isn’t an idea that he’s planted, but it’s playing upon something that is already there and is situated in the negative.

Maher also takes a bit of time to attack the politically correct and ‘SJWs’ of the world, which is the type of thing that usually will keep you from taking anybody too seriously. He does get to some good points about how the media and others pick out the “enemies” of certain topics. Some of it has to do with politics, like Hillary Clinton’s campaign targeting Bernie Sanders as being sexist, but sometimes it is that knee jerk effect the Internet has become known for.

(Via Real Time)

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