Bill Maher Can’t Contain His Disgust For Undecided Voters Like Ken Bone

On Friday night’s episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher ripped into America’s newfound (and likely fleeting) love of Undecided Voter Ken Bone. His question at the presidential town-hall debate led to the Internet seizing upon his fetching red sweater, which led to Bone’s instantly iconic status. Maher sees the danger in foisting an undecided voter into celebrity, especially during this election where Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has captured the hearts and minds of around 40% (depending on the poll) of voters:

“Somebody has to tell me why America just made this guy so famous. This is Ken Bone. One of the undecided voters who asked a question at last Sunday’s debate and since then has become a folk hero? Why? Because after 15 months of this campaign, he’s still too stupid to pick Hillary over President P*ssy Grabber?”

Maher feels nothing but disgust at undecided voters who haven’t been swayed away from Trump after all of his xenophobic, troll-like antics:

“Trump saying he would kill the children of terrorists with drone strikes … physically throwing out 12 million Mexicans, banning all Muslims, giving Saudi Arabia nukes, running a scam university, cheating veterans out of charity money, not paying taxes, picking [Russian President Vladimir] Putin as his favorite leader, not being able to let go of a feud for a whole week with a beauty queen, the impressions of the handicapped, nothing?!”

Well, Maher has a point when it comes to undecided voters, although there are a fair amount of people who are repelled by both Trump and Hillary Clinton, so perhaps they simply don’t see any other option and default to “undecided” status. As for Ken Bone himself, he completely knows the world will soon forget about him. This didn’t happen before the Internet dug into his somewhat seedy Reddit past, but that tends to occur when the public plucks someone out of obscurity and makes them go viral.

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