Bill Maher Criticizes The #MeToo Movement For Creating A ‘Police State’ For The Idea Of Love

Bill Maher believes we’re approaching a “police state” for love and he blames a portion of those dreaded Millennials for putting society in this situation. (He’s not a particularly big fan of Millennials, that Bill Maher.)

Maher chatted with New York Times writer/editor Bari Weiss on Real Talk, engaging in a lengthy discussion about the #MeToo movement and what they believe a less-than-unified approach has fostered in terms of romance and interaction. Maher and Weiss bounced the idea back and forth that the zero tolerance policy for socially inappropriate behavior has created unreasonable expectations. The HBO host placed the blame largely at the feet of a certain portion of Millennials.

“This is what I always try to keep in mind when I’m feuding with the Millennials—I don’t think it’s the majority of them,” Maher said. “I think it’s the upper-middle class who grew up screaming at their parents and that was okay. And they are just so f*cking fragile! I think of them as emotional hemophiliacs, and the rest of us have to be so careful around them.”

Maher and Weiss agree on a lot of points during their discussion, although it’s fair to say that there are also strong counterarguments to be made about the consequences that come from potentially eroding the movement. Mind you, you’ve probably sorted out by now that mileage with Bill Maher’s takes may vary.