Bill Maher Calls Out Trump: He ‘Loves To Pick Fights With Black People’

Despite his frequent protests that he is the “least racist person” ever, Donald’s Trump’s relationship with people of color is tenuous, at best. Between his obsession with African American athletes taking a knee during the national anthem to his remarks on “sh*thole” countries, the president’s track record speaks for itself. During the closing remarks on Friday night’s Real Time, Bill Maher took Trump to task for his perceived racism, in no uncertain terms.

“If Donald Trump keeps insisting that he is the least racist person that anyone has ever met, he has to explain why the single most consistent thing in his whole life is he loves to pick fights with black people,” Maher remarked. “Of all his myriad insanities, if I had to pick one line for his tombstone, it would be ‘Here lies Donald Trump: Picked fights with black people.'”

Maher then went on to name just a few of Trump’s feuds: Colin Kaepernick, LaVar Ball, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the war widow from the failed raid in Niger, the war widow’s congresswoman (rep. Frederica Wilson), the Central Park Five, Steph Curry, the UCLA basketball players arrested in China, Whoopi Goldberg, CNN reporter April Ryan, the entire NFL and cast of Hamilton, the cities of Atlanta and Chicago, Nigeria and Haiti, and the aforementioned entire continent of Africa.

“I could continued this list but we’d be here through the end of February, which is Black History Month,” Maher cracked. “Or as Trump likes to say, ‘all months matter.'”