Bill Maher Wants Us To Remember Trump The Same Way We Remember The Y2K Bug

Bill Maher’s Whiny Little B*tch Facebook Live stand-up event happened on Thursday — up against the thrilling conclusion of the World Series — and still managed to bring in 100,000 views in 45 minutes according to Deadline. Maybe it was because people truly love Maher or perhaps it had more to do with the comedian choosing to blister Donald Trump for the full run of his set. Maher teased the event alongside his impending interview with Barack Obama this past Friday, noting that he had a backlog of material that would go to waste after election day, so he took to Facebook and streamed it live to his fans.

One of the best hits against Trump is the comparison to the Y2K bug, the possible computer glitch that threatened to bring down the entire globe once the clock struck midnight on the year 2000:

“I hope when we look back on this, Trump is like Y2K,” Maher said. “A bunch of nothing.”

Maher was in full stand-up mode from the very beginning, chastising the crowd for being too PC and going hard on Trump while peppering a few jabs at Hillary in there — or at least the people who keep getting into her way on the campaign trail. He calls Billy Bush Trump’s Igor in reference to the leaked tape of the candidate and the former Access Hollywood host, lambasting Trump’s claims about Hillary’s immigration plans, and finally calling the choice between the two less “Coke and Pepsi” and more “Coke versus tap water in Flint”:

During one ten-second stretch, Maher called Trump a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a draft dodger, a Russian agent and a rapist. “These are red flags!,” he yelled.

You can head over to Facebook to watch the full special or just get comfy and watch it above. Not a bad set at this exhaustive point in the election. It knocks home most of the points we’ve been hearing, but it uses profanity to really send it home. That’s never bad.

(Via Facebook / Deadline)