Bill Murray And Obama Enjoy Golf And A Surprisingly Serious Policy Discussion In the Oval Office

Bill Murray recently crashed a White House press briefing ahead of his emotional experience at the World Series. Now, he’s back in D.C. for golf (and a Cinderella story) in the Oval Office with President Obama, who did the unthinkable by taking a dig at Murray’s beloved Cubs.

Naturally, Murray crushes his opponent in this game, but the meeting takes a turn when he literally stumbles a bit. Yes, there was some acting involved, but when Murray talks about anything, people pay attention, and when his knee started “barking,” Obama listened. As it turns out, this encounter wasn’t all fun and games, and the two men were up to something, which just happened to be a serious discussion about healthcare.

Soon enough, Obama convinces Murray that nobody should go without health insurance. As revealed here, the Affordable Health Care act’s annual open enrollment period shall end in a few days, so anyone who isn’t insured should sign up before time runs out on December 15th. Then they’ll be ready to roll by January 1, albeit at higher premiums than many would prefer.

On Saturday, the White House also released a weekly YouTube address, which directed people towards the Healthcare.Gov site. Sadly, Bill Murray does not materialize in this clip, yet it’s still informative.