Bill O’Reilly Went Ballistic When Asked If He Had Any ‘Black Friends’

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly hosted a disastrous segment about racism in the United States on Tuesday night’s show. One of his guests, Monica Crowley, agreed with O’Reilly in his claim that institutional racism no longer exists in our country. You can tell that our fearless, spin-free host was sure this debate was in the bag, no problem.

But Kirsten Powers wasn’t letting O’Reilly off the hook. She told him, “I do think racism is a serious issue in this country, and I don’t know why you are so unable to see that.” O’Reilly’s position seems to be that every country is racist, so stop picking on America: “I don’t think it’s an epidemic of racism. I don’t think it’s ingrained in society, and every country on earth has racist elements in it.”

As the debate continued, Bill conceded that some individuals are racist, but those people are on the “lunatic fringe.” Then he began to shout and wildly gesticulate to illustrate his point. Powers finally asked, “How many black friends do you have, Bill?!”

O’Reilly refused to answer the question. We’re talking about a guy who believes rap music causes people to lose their religion, so draw your own conclusions.

(Via Fox News / Death & Taxes)