Patton Oswalt And Many Others Think Bill O’Reilly Was Drunk At The Fox News GOP Debate

If Bill O’Reilly seemed a bit off following Thursday’s Fox News GOP Debate, you were not the only one to notice. Many on social media, including Patton Oswalt, pointed out that the Fox News mainstay seemed a bit under the weather with his performance.

And look, there’s no confirmation for it at all, but the guy didn’t exactly put his best foot forward. He was slow, he was slurring, and he wasn’t exactly as sharp as he usually would be. He has his excuses and Donald Trump doesn’t really hold back on telling him where to get help in the clip above, but the Internet is the true hero here.

So what is the verdict here? Was O’Reilly just tired from a very heated debate? Was he flustered by Trump’s penis talk? Did he see his stock at the network fall with every question Megyn Kelly threw at Trump? Or maybe it’s something else.

Either way, it’s all pretty odd for the guy. First Ted Koppel is giving him the business and now he’s looking drunk on national television. Say it ain’t so!

(Via Patton Oswalt / Raw Story)

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