The Internet Takes Dead Aim At Bill O’Reilly After His Outrageous Quote About Slaves

The kinder, gentler version of Bill O’Reilly, who has surprised many with levelheaded stances, may have left the building. O’Reilly has angered the world anew after his take on Michelle Obama’s groundbreaking DNC speech. Her powerful oration included many standout lines, including how she and her family “wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”

During his Tuesday night “Tip of the Day” segment, O’Reilly acknowledged FLOTUS’ intention in pointing out America’s sociocultural evolution, but he still couldn’t let that line stand without his own historical examination. The crotchety host determined that FLOTUS was “essentially correct” but that some paid labor built the White House too. He pointed out how the federal government stopped using slaves around 1802, but rules were lax with subcontracting situations, and payments reflected this. However, O’Reilly needed — for whatever reason — to assert his belief that these slaves were “well fed” and stayed in some dope “decent lodgings.”

Well, anyone who’s spent any time on the internet knows that O’Reilly’s statements have not arrived without further comment. Twitter users are delivering the snark in plentiful supply. Some people are simply shaking their head and wondering what he’ll say next.

Others are more pointed with telling O’Reilly where to stick it.

And naturally, Twitter’s got lots of jokes because sometimes the best defense to absurdity is more absurdity.

O’Reilly doesn’t appear to spend time on Twitter, since his feed looks like an automated endeavor, but someone will tip him off, and perhaps he’ll issue an addendum. Here’s a video refresher clip in case you missed this mess.