Billy Eichner’s Golden Globes Joke Is Just The Latest In A Long Series Of Kevin Spacey Jabs

Seth Meyers may not have planned on making any jokes about Trump during his opening monologue for the Golden Globes, but that doesn’t mean that he was going to pull any punches. Continuing the work done by stars on the red carpet wearing black, shining a light on critical activists, and speaking out against harassment, Meyers used his platform to call out noted abusers in his speech.

In a particularly good move, he used a modified version of his Late Night segment “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” calling on members of the audience who weren’t straight white men to deliver some punchlines. Alongside actresses like Amy Poehler and Issa Rae, comedian Billy Eichner was one of the attendees who helped Meyers deliver his punchlines. Meyers set him up talking about Call Me By Your Name, describing it as a “gay coming of age film.” Eichner volleyed back, “Said Kevin Spacey, ‘You had me until of age.'”

Eichner has been making Kevin Spacey jokes for years on the recently canceled Difficult People. While it’s a shame that the Hulu comedy is no more, at least Eichner got a chance to take a shot at Spacey on an even bigger scale. Perhaps the planning committee should consider Eichner as the Golden Globes host next year.

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