Dozens Of Birds Are Falling From The Sky In Boston And Nobody Knows Why

Sure, everybody is upset that Tom Brady is benched for the first four games of the NFL season, but this is a little bit of an overreaction by the wildlife in Boston, don’t you think? On Thursday in Dorchester, a city adjacent to Boston, dozens of birds dropped out of the sky either already dead or at its door needing to be nursed back to health by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Two cats also died due to what is assumed to be the same cause. Unfortunately, nobody has any idea what that cause might be despite a pile of dead birds as evidence. Which is, admittedly, not great!

Locals are being told to keep their pets indoors while officials try to get to the bottom of what could be causing this onset of sick wildlife. Officials posit that the birds could be dying from environmental causes, a virus of some sort, or an intentional poisoning. Although why somebody would intentionally poison a bunch of grackles (which is a crazy name for a songbird, but that’s besides the point) is beyond explanation at this point. John Meaney of Boston’s Inspectional Services says “We don’t know what is going on. So we are investigating all avenues.” With any luck an answer will be found soon so that neighborhood cats and dogs can once again roam the streets of Dorchester without having to worry about eating suspicious or tainted food. Or being hit in the head with a falling bird.

(via The Guardian)