The Majority Of Trump Voters Believe The Fictional ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Justifies His Muslim Ban

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Fact checking be damned, we know that however bawdy and outrageous, the lies crafted by Donald Trump and his merry band of tricksters actually do work — as 52 percent of Republicans actually believe that he won the popular vote. As if that wasn’t depressing enough, a new poll released by Public Polling Policy on Friday states that the Bowling Green Massacre — a completely made up, fictional tragedy that Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway fabricated to justify his ban on Muslims — well, justifies Trump’s ban on Muslims.

No, really.

66% of Americans consider the United States to be a safe country, to only 23% who consider it unsafe. Perhaps as an outgrowth of that sentiment only 45% of voters support Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, to 49% who are opposed to it. Among those who do support it you have to wonder how well thought out their position is- by a 51/23 margin Trump voters say that the Bowling Green Massacre shows why Trump’s immigration policy is needed.

Then again, this seems to more or less accurately sum up the rational thinking capabilities of the same group of people who think we should bomb the dang city from Aladdin.

Aside from the Bowling Green business, some others gems found in the new poll are that 51 percent of Trump voters think the president should be able to personally overturn decisions by judges he doesn’t agree with, because to hell with checks and balances; only 47 percent of Trump voters are aware that Frederick Douglass is, in fact, dead; and 35 percent of Trump voters have a negative opinion of Black History Month, while another 46 percent think that we should have a White History Month.

But all hope is not lost, because Trump’s overall disapproval rating currently stands at 53 percent and that number just keeps climbing. Additionally, voters are now split as 46 percent are opposed to impeaching him and 46 percent in favor — a number that has steadily increased from 35 percent two weeks ago to 40 percent one week ago. And this is all considering we’re still only just three weeks in!

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