Dramatic Surveillance Footage Shows A Car Going Airborne And Crashing Into A Building’s Second Story

Pictures and videos revealing the aftermath of a speeding car’s airborne crash into the second story of a building in Santa Ana, California went viral on Sunday. Both the driver, who admitted to police that he was driving under the influence of drugs, and the passenger were transported to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. The car and the building, however, subsequently caught fire but were quickly extinguished by fire department personnel. NBC Los Angeles was on the scene Sunday night and Monday morning as officials began cleaning up, at which point new footage of the crash itself was released.

Per NBC Los Angeles photojournalist Kenny Holmes, who posted surveillance footage of the crash on Twitter, the video “shows a car hitting a median and launching into the second story of a Santa Ana dentist office.” Sure enough, the footage above reveals the moment the car avoided striking another vehicle, hit the median, and launched itself into the building’s second story. As dust and debris covered the road from the initial impact, a city bus with a front-seat view of the whole scene drove through the rubble and presumably stopped.

According to witness Daniel Sanchez, the incident “was crazy, it really was.” Judging by the surveillance video Holmes posed to Twitter, he’s not wrong.

(Via NBC Los Angeles)